The Restaurant–Kolyba specializes in good Carpathian cuisine

Specialties of the mountains from the chef – banosh with brynza cheese, mushroom soup, bograch and potato pancakes “Hutsul`s Dream” prepared carefully with preservation of the ancient recipes – these are Hutsul delicacies, which are always ordered by guests from all over Ukraine and abroad. Chef holds seasonal procurement with local products so that everything on the table is delicious and authentic. While waiting for preparation of fresh dish, you can admire beautiful mountain scenery outside the window. Special comfort and enchanting atmosphere are supplemented by a wood-burning fireplace and a nice big hand-made chandelier of blown glass, which stretches to 2 floors of the restaurant. At your request, for a special mood, we will prepare dishes on your special order, organize a banquet and invite real Hutsul musicians.


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Дуже приємна домашня атмосфера і смачна кухня
Ксеня, Україна
Зразкова чистота та домашній затишок. Доброзичливий персонал. Відмінна кухня. Зручне розташування. Рекомендуємо.
Сім’я Жук, Україна
Дуже смачна домашня кухня, прекрасні номери, близько до підйомників. Дуже приємний персонал.
Оксана, Україна